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This is a compilation of the information I have gathered on the descendants of Alfred Brunson KEPHART. I have included a little on his forefathers, but so far have not proven any records beyond the marriage of his grandfather, Henry Kephart, Jr. in 1794 at Lancaster, PA. The information concerning Henry, Sr. and Johan Georg Kephart is probably not correct. A descendant of Alfred Kephart's uncle Conrad is also working on trying to prove the line, so maybe between the two of us we will figure it out. However, there are many, many Kepharts, Gebharts, Capeharts, some related, some not; so it is a difficult process.

My research of the KEPHART family probably began in 1976 or 1977 when I inquired of the owner of the Kephart Music Store in Decorah, IA if he had ever done any research on his Kepharts. He hadn't but his sister had, so he gave me her address. I haven't found that we are related, but I was hooked on finding out as much as I could. About a year or two later I received a manuscript of the Kephart family history and I was on my way.

That manuscript I have typed and it is the first two pages of this booklet. I made no corrections in the information, though there are some errors, but the typing errors are all mine.

Towards the back of the booklet I have included some of the Civil War records of Alfred Brunson Kephart who served in Company H, 21st Iowa Infantry regiment from 1862 to 1865. I include a map of his travels, and also a copy of a letter which he wrote to his mother - you will note that it is dated 19 April 1865, but he apparently hadn't heard the war had ended or that President Lincoln had been assassinated for he didn't mention either fact.

I have included as much information as I have on each of the children of Alfred Brunson Kephart. Please let me know of any errors or omissions. I will try to continue to collect the information which I do not have, but not everybody is as interested in it as I am so some of my requests go unanswered. To those of you who have returned the information I have asked for, I thank you. Especially helpful over the years was my dad's Aunt Mae Rost who gave me much information, loaned me pictures so I could make copies and generally encouraged me.

Verla A. Williams
4333 Pine Ridge Trail NE
Iowa City, IA 52240.

[EDITOR'S NOTE (14 Mar 2018): Carl Ingwalson's extensive research into the 21st Iowa Infantry regiment cites a letter from Marion Griffin of Epworth to his brother indicating that the regiment did not receive the "sad intelligence" of President Lincoln's assassination until the evening of April 21, 1865 which is the reason Alfred would not have mentioned it in the letter to his mother.]


Hiroshige's Owl said...

Great list!! I'm a son of a Kephart and have my mothers completed side of Kepharts back to the same origins as yours.So we are related. My great grandfather was Russel Elwood Kephart.His son was Donald Russel Kephart,my grandfather.

If interested in corresponding,please email me at

or call 360-694-1773

Jim Ross

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