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Johan Georg GEBHART (21 Oct 1754) contains an online database that lists German Pioneers who arrived at the port of Philadelphia from 1727-1808. In it was a list confirming Kephart Family History's mention of the 21 Oct 1754 arrival in Philadelphia of John George Gebhart and (probably his brother) Johann Adam Gebhart on the ship, Bannister. The spacing below appears that way in the record:

List of Foreigners imported in the Ship Bannister, Capt. John Doyle, from Amsterdam. Qual. 21st October 1754. No. 84. D. Beneset.

FR*rName crossed out, with remark "not 16."f

P647p [List 225 C] At the State House at Philadelphia, Monday, the 21st Day of October, 1754.

Present: The Worshipful Charles Willing, Esquire, Mayor. The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, Imported in the Ship Bannister, Capt John Doyle, from Amsterdam, but last from Cowes, did this Day take the usual Qualifications to the Government. 4 Roman Catholics. No. 84. From Wirten-berg, Westphalia and the Palatinate.

ttt Hans Michael Miller

Jacob Hörmann

Johan Peter Radenmacher Bastian Wittmer

Geörg Vittmer

Andereas Ebehrth

Johannes Kentsch

Kraft Weber

Johanes (+) Geisler

Johann Conrad Jauch Matthias Heinlein

Jacob Ludwig Deimling Dionysius Duretsch

Joseph (X) Connet

Joh. David Krauss

Christoph Ehrnfeuchter Martin (X) Toorward Friedrich Schiebel

Martin (X) Tootward, Junr Alexander (XX) Finck

G. Davit (X) Uhll

Jaques Talmon

Jaque Bara[l]

Jaque Baral

John Christoff Bartall, on bd Hans Michael Billheimer Hans Georg Ruoss

Hans Jacob Ruos

Johannes Karcher

Johann Michael Schickel Simon (X) Ege

Adam Ege

Balthas Müller

Philippe Rouchon

Johann Vallentin Keller Christoff (X) Diger

J. Bastian (X) Geyer Jerg Wiest

Phylype Saryous

Peter Butz

Hans Jerg Döliker Philip (X) Mode Johannes Weber

Johann Jacob Weber Johannes Benner

John Peter (X) Kebler Matias Buochman Vallentin (X) Jäger Johann Jacob Wolff Johann Peter Wolff Johann Görg Jäger Johan Nicolaus Dresser Abraham Kehr

Adam (X) Mirtorum Conrad (X) Kemp Nicolaus Bosermann William (+) Leeb

J. Henry (+) Ashman Johann Conrad Georg Johan Jacob (X) Moode Johannes Delp

Johan Gorg Holman Peter (X) Meister Lutwig Lang

P648p Johann Lönhardt Häuser Johann Nickel Minck Johann Lenhard Münch Christoffel Müller Johann Henrich Müller Johannes Müller

Görg Wärthmann Wenzel (W) Boteshway Johann Adam Gebhardt John George (X) Gebhart [Emphasis added.] Elias Hellermann

J. Peter (XX) Weber

Johanes (X) Weber

Leonhart (X) Weber

Johann Peter Emrich

Conrad (X) Gildner

John ( ) Fietler
Jacob ( ) Greess xxx sick, on bd
Piere ( ) Tolman
In all 84
Source Information: Pennsylvania German Pioneers [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000. Original data: Strassburger, Ralph Beaver. Pennsylvania German Pioneers. Vol. I-II. Norristown, PA, USA: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934.


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