Thursday, December 17, 2009

KEPHART Gravestones

KEPHART gravestones in the NW corner of Cottage Hill Cemetery. Image courtesy of Verla Williams (1993).

The large gravestone in the corner Row 1, Stone 1 is that of Naugle and Susan KEPHART.

In Row 2 from top to bottom we have the following:
Stone 1: Ellen KEPHART. Died 23 Oct 1869. AE 46y 7m 17d. Dau. of Conrad & Rebecca Kephart.

Stone 2: Rebecca KEPHART. Died 23 Dec 1867. AE 70y 2m 13d. Wife Of Conrad Kephart.

Stone 3: Anna Margaret (Burdign) KEPHART (16 Sep 1826-14 Oct 1862). AE 36y 1m 2d. Wife of Henry Green Kephart. Dau. of Samuel Burdign.

Stone 4: William E. KEPHART. Died 14 Sep 1854. AE 11y 1m. Son Of J. & S. Kephart.

Stone 5: Henry, Elizabeth, and Mary Ann KEPHART.


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