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This is a compilation of the information I have gathered on the descendants of Alfred Brunson KEPHART. I have included a little on his forefathers, but so far have not proven any records beyond the marriage of his grandfather, Henry Kephart, Jr. in 1794 at Lancaster, PA. The information concerning Henry, Sr. and Johan Georg Kephart is probably not correct. A descendant of Alfred Kephart's uncle Conrad is also working on trying to prove the line, so maybe between the two of us we will figure it out. However, there are many, many Kepharts, Gebharts, Capeharts, some related, some not; so it is a difficult process.

My research of the KEPHART family probably began in 1976 or 1977 when I inquired of the owner of the Kephart Music Store in Decorah, IA if he had ever done any research on his Kepharts. He hadn't but his sister had, so he gave me her address. I haven't found that we are related, but I was hooked on finding out as much as I could. About a year or two later I received a manuscript of the Kephart family history and I was on my way.

That manuscript I have typed and it is the first two pages of this booklet. I made no corrections in the information, though there are some errors, but the typing errors are all mine.

Towards the back of the booklet I have included some of the Civil War records of Alfred Brunson Kephart who served in Company H, 21st Iowa Infantry regiment from 1862 to 1865. I include a map of his travels, and also a copy of a letter which he wrote to his mother - you will note that it is dated 19 April 1865, but he apparently hadn't heard the war had ended or that President Lincoln had been assassinated for he didn't mention either fact.

I have included as much information as I have on each of the children of Alfred Brunson Kephart. Please let me know of any errors or omissions. I will try to continue to collect the information which I do not have, but not everybody is as interested in it as I am so some of my requests go unanswered. To those of you who have returned the information I have asked for, I thank you. Especially helpful over the years was my dad's Aunt Mae Rost who gave me much information, loaned me pictures so I could make copies and generally encouraged me.

Verla A. Williams
4333 Pine Ridge Trail NE
Iowa City, IA 52240.

[EDITOR'S NOTE (14 Mar 2018): Carl Ingwalson's extensive research into the 21st Iowa Infantry regiment cites a letter from Marion Griffin of Epworth to his brother indicating that the regiment did not receive the "sad intelligence" of President Lincoln's assassination until the evening of April 21, 1865 which is the reason Alfred would not have mentioned it in the letter to his mother.]

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Ancestors of Alfred Brunson KEPHART (1842-1921)

Pedigree Chart. Alfred Brunson KEPHART (1842-1921).

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KEPHART Family History

By Francis Marion Armstrong

The genealogy of this branch of the Kephart family dates back to the emigrant parent, John George Kephart, born about 1720, arrived in Philadelphia, October 21, 1754 on the ship, Ban[n]ister, (Record of arrival, Penn. Archives, Vol. 17, Second Series) whose home appears to have been in the southern part of Germany, in [the] political division of Freyburg in Odenwald, or the timber district not far from Swiss border.

His wife's name was Elizabeth. They lived in Berks County near Reading, PA. Their children so far as known were Adam, Daniel, Henry, Caleb, and John.

The man Henry was born about 1747 which indicates he was foreign born. His wife's name is not known. They were thought to have lived in Lancaster Co., PA where a couple of his boys were born. The father, Henry Kephart, died when these boys were six or eight years old.

One of the boys named Henry Kephart, Jr. was a direct parent of the following Kephart family and grandfather of the biographer [James Kephart].

The second boy, brother to Henry Kephart, Jr. was named Caleb. His wife's name was Bennett [Peninnah Benner] - they had three boys, Philip, Mulland and Benner. They lived in the vicinity of Reading, PA.

Henry Kephart Jr. was born in 1771. His wife's name was Elizabeth Epley, daughter of Conrad Epley of Chester Co., PA. He lived for several years with his family in Plum Forge near Phillipsburg, PA. There were seven boys and eleven girls in the family. The biography of these boys and four of the girls are given here, all that is known of them, all natives of PA.

Henry Kephart, Jr. came to Dubuque, Iowa, presumably with his son Naugle Kephart or his son-in-law Richard Plum, husband of Catherine in 1838 where he remained until his death.

The wife and mother, Elizabeth Epley Kephart, died in the home of her son, Jacob, in Dubuque Co. either in 1849 or 1850. They were all buried in Dubuque, but later moved to the M. E. Cemetery at Cottage Hill about thirty miles west of Dubuque on what in early days was known as the Dubuque and Colesburg road.

The record of the family of girls:

Mary Ann - unmarried, died in Dubuque and was buried with her parents.

Sarah - married William Hammond of Holidaysburg, PA, was born 1811.

Catherine - thought to have been born near Philipsburg, PA. Became [the] wife of Richard Plum, who was born in North Wales in 1811. He enlisted in Sept. 1862 in the 37th Graybeards Iowa Infantry [and] was discharged April 28, 1864. Catherine died in Dubuque Co., March 6, 1900. One son, Edward O. Plum, became a doctor. He was a soldier in [the] 6th Iowa Cavalry. He died in Chicago in 1915.

Of the family of boys:

Conrad - was born in Lancaster, PA, 1795, [and] baptized December 10, 1795 in St. James Church. His wife's name was Rebecca. They moved to Dubuque in 1849 and lived on a farm twenty-five miles west of Dubuque, in what was known as Cottage Hill. They raised a numerous family of boys and girls. Two of the boys, Jacob and Conrad served in the Union Army, 21st Iowa Infantry. Conrad was killed in May 1863 during the battle [siege] of Vicksburg.

Henry G. - was born in Huntingdon Co., PA in 1804 at a place known as Barre Forge. He married Margaret Burdine. They came to Dubuque, Iowa in 1849. He was a blacksmith. He built a home and shop on [the] main road between Dubuque and Colesburg on what is known as Bald Ridge a few miles north of Cottage Hill Church. They raised a family of eight boys and one girl. Three of these boys served in Union Army during War of the Rebellion - William and John in [the] 5th Iowa Cavalry. John was wounded at Gravely Springs near Muscle Shoals. Caleb was killed [died of dysentery] at New Orleans July 28, 1864. Henry’s wife died in 1862 and was buried in [the] Cottage Hill Cemetery. In later years Henry lived with his son in Clarksville, Iowa where he died at a very great age. It was said he lived more than a hundred years. He worked at the blacksmith forge for over 70 years and is buried in Clarksville, IA.

Caleb - twin brother to Henry G. His wife's name was Jane. They came to Dubuque at same time as his twin brother. One son named Samuel served in Union Army. He was believed to have been in [the] 38th Iowa Infantry. Caleb moved back to PA some years after [the] close of war where he settled and died. The place and dates are not known.

Essington - was born in Huntingdon Co., PA in 1807. His wife's name was Mary A. Neese [Meiss]. They were married in 1827 and went to Venango Co. PA. the same year. One son George was killed by lightning on July 8, 1869. [They had] two daughters, one of whom married an attorney named Myers in Franklin, PA. Essington's home was always near Franklin, PA.

Jacob - his wife's name was Jane O’Neil. He was born May 27, 1809. They lived in Venango Co. PA. He embarked at Emlinton, PA with his family consisting of two daughters and two sons, Conrad and James. They arrived in Dubuque, IA April 1848. These boys both served in [the] Union Army - Conrad in [the] 8th Iowa Cavalry. He was captured on McCook raid south of Atlanta in 1864. He was held in various prisons including Andersonville for seven months. He made his escape and reached Union lines at Willmington. James served in [the] 13th U.S. Infantry, was awarded a Medal of Honor by [the] U.S. Congress for gallantry at Vicksburg, May 19, 1863 in action on assault of rebel work. Jacob's wife died in Epworth, IA and he died in Plymouth, IN and was buried there.

John D. - The place of his birth [is] not know[n], the year 1819. His wife's name was Sarah. John D. enlisted in 21st Iowa Infantry August 1862. He was mustered out with his regiment at Baton Rouge July 15, 1865. He was 43 years of age at his enlistment and was noted by his commander as a model soldier. Their family was two girls and two boys, John and Theodore. His wife died early in the sixties and was buried in Cottage Hill. John D. remarried and moved to [the] western part of state. The record of his death is not known.

Naugle - was born February 1, 1798 in Huntingdon Co. PA. His wife's name was Susan Jones who was born December 11, 1803 in Wales. They came to Dubuque, IA in 1838, [they] came by water, taking three weeks to make the trip. He was a farmer and they lived on a farm he pre-empted near Cottage Hill, IA, where they remained until their deaths. Their family consists of seven girls and three boys. The parents died, the father in 1885 and mother in 1886 and are buried in M. E. Cemetery, Cottage Hill.

Their children:
Catherine, born August 8, 1822, m. J. McElhaney.
Mary Ann, born March 28, 1825, m. Rebmans [Rebman].
Henry, born March 16, 1828.
Elizabeth, born November 14, 1830, m. William Glew.
Margaret, born February 18, 1833, m. George Shirk.
Sarah Hammond, born June 25, 1836, m. F. M. Allen.
Milton, born December 1, 1839, m. Margaret Mettler.
Alford Brunson, July 25. 1842, m. Mary Meyers.
Levina, born May 2, 1844, m. R. MacIntosh.
Emma Francis, born March 14. 1848, m. Will Meyers.

Catherine - was born August 8, 1822 in PA. When a small girl her parents moved from Center Co., PA. Catherine was married to James McElhany. They always lived in PA. Catherine only made a few trips back to visit her relatives. James McElhany died in 1895 [26 Jun 1897]. Catherine died October 8, 1916 [1918] at her home in Pittsburg. She was survived by seven children.

Mary Ann - married a man by [the] name of Rebmans [Rebman]. Their children as known are Henry, Minnie, Frank, August, Gertrude, [and] Estelle. I find it difficult to find any trace of these older children.

Henry - Henry's wife's name has been forgotten. The only children that can be remembered are Laura, Safrona, Frank, [and] August. These aged relations have made a few trips back to Dubuque, Iowa to visit their brothers and sisters. As time went on we have lost track of them.

Elizabeth - was born November 14, 1830 in PA. She came with her parents to Cottage Hill, IA in 1838. She married William Glew in 1838. William was born November 7, 1818. They moved from Cottage Hill to Epworth in 1899 and resided there until their deaths. They had seven children:
Oscar, born November 28, 1853, m. Hannah Sullivan.
Myra, born February 29, 1856, m. Frazer Cook.
Della, born, November 30, 1857, m. W. H. Stacks [Stocks].
Margaret, born January 15, 1860, m. Tom Stacks [Stocks].
Estell, born August 16, 1862, m. Tom Lewis.
Etta, born August 6, 1868, m. Frazer Cook.
Laura, born December 18 (or 10), 1872, m. Fred Beyer.
William died [in] 1906, Elizabeth [in] 1908 [25 Jan 1911].

Margaret - married George Shirk in [the] 1850s. They had four children, three of them died in infancy. The name of one girl was Ella. She was raised by her grandmother Kephart after [the] death of her mother was very sudden. Ella died when she was about twenty years old. George Shirk remarried Marietta. George was later drowned in mill race.

Sarah - was born June 25, 1836. She was three years of age when her parents brought her to Cottage Hill, IA. They went to Pittsburg and down the Ohio River and up the Mississippi to Dubuque, IA, taking three weeks to make the trip. They settled at Cottage Hill ,where she remained until she reached womanhood. She married Francis Marion Allen February 8, 1866. He was born July 11, 1837. They remained at Cottage Hill until after Adah was born. They moved to Princeton, IL, and were there eight years where Catherine, Anna, Robert, and Elizabeth were born. They moved back to Pin Oak, IA where Francis, Margaretta, and Gertrude were born. They later moved to Farley, IA where they remained until their deaths.
Ada Francis, born February 5, 1861, m. Glew and McGee.
Catherine Elmira, born June 22, 1865, m. A. Stuart.
Anna Viola, born December 15, 1866, m. G. Armstrong.
Robert Levi, born May 6, 1869, m. M. Small.
Susan Elizabeth, born November 13, 1871, m. F. Reinhold.
Francis Marion, born February 13, 1875. m. W. Keller.
Margaretta Levina, born August 23, 1877, m. G. Strief.
Miriam Gertrude, born May 14, 1880, m . R. Stuart.
Sarah died March 25, 1927; Marion January 3, 1929.

Milton - was born at Cottage Hill, IA, December 1, 1839. He married Margaret Mettler in 1859. She was born in Switzerland, December 7, 1839. They left Cottage Hill about 1870 and went to Garnavillo, Clayton Co., IA. They left Clayton Co. in May 1899 and moved to Spirit Lake, IA. They then moved to MN in 1887 and settled in Jackson Co. [They] moved to Lakefield, MN in 1908. They had eleven children:
Elmore, born August 17, 1861, m. Sarah D'Arcy.
Ausbirt, born April 24, 1863, m. Lucy Wilford.
Elnora, born July 16, 1865, m. James D'Arcy.
Rose, born September 30, 1867, m. Henry Hardman.
Elizabeth, born September 8, 1869, m. Chas. Yoder.
Ernest, born April 12, 1872, m. A. Rossow.
Milton, born March 6, 1877, m. Ada Leonard.
Margaret, born July 8, 1880.
Elby, born February 20, 1881, m. May T. Ross.
Mathilda, born February 19, 1895, m. A. Rossow.
Sarah, born February 22, 1885.
Elmore died August 11, 1913. Milton died January 16, 1926, the father died February 18. 1933.

Alford - was born in Cottage Hill, IA. July 25. 1842. He served in [the] 21st Infantry during [the] Civil War. He married Mary Meyers of Pin Oak, IA, December 26, 1867. She was born in Dubuque Co., June 3, 1849. Mr. Kephart and family moved to Jackson Co., MN in [the] fall of 1883 and remained in that county. They resided at Loon Lake for nearly twenty years then moved to Lakefield, MN. Their children:
Bertha, born April 23, 1869. m. Gene Palmer.
Lottie, born March 9. 1871, m. George Blakey.
William, born February 13, 1873.
Levi, born June 10, 1876, m. Carrie Brown.
Della, born October 22, 1878, m. Roscoe Brown.
Roscoe, born March 13, 1881, m. Clara Vilmo.
Ella, born March 1, 1886, m. Earn Pearson.
Earl, born April 15, 1888, m. Clara Rost.
Mae, born January 21, 1891, m. R. R. Rost.
George W., born in 1883 and died same year.
Alfred B., born in 1893 and died in 1897.
LeRoy, also died in infancy.
A. B. Kephart died December 20, 1921 and Mary Kephart died August 28, 1936.

Lavina - married Robert McIntosh. He was a carpenter. They lived at Cottage Hill, IA. They had two children. James was about 20 years at the time of his death - he was drowned in Okoboji. Lelia died when she was 2 or 3 months. Lavina died a heart rendering and sudden death in 1875. Her husband went to Canada after her death.

Emma Francis - was born at Cottage Hill, IA on March 14. 1848. She married William Meyers [on] April 20, 1865. They left Cottage Hill and moved to a farm two miles south of Manchester, IA. In 1897 they moved to Manchester and lived there until her death. Their children:
Emma, m. U. G. Simmons.
Albert C.
Margaret, m. Frank Pinch.
Nellie, m. Ernest Slack.
Emma died February 25, 1932. William died December 29 and mother died March 4, 1933.

The Kephart Family Record

The biographers of this sketch of Kephart family secured their information through the War Department of Washington, DC, some friends, obituaries, relatives either by mothers, sisters or children of their family, some of whom are very aged. We believe it is as near correct as possible under conditions secured.

We gladly credit [the] Honorable C. I. Kephart of Washington, DC. Also James Kephart of Gooding, Idaho for the first (seven) pages of biography.

The children[’s] names and dates of their birth have been added to the Naugle Kephart family by [the] composer of [the] rest of [the] biography. We will gladly receive any name and date of a relative whether marriage, birth, or death. Our desire is to keep this record up to date. We have gathered this information for benefit of our coming generations.

I am very grateful and I sincerely thank everyone who has helped us with our record.

Francis Marion Armstrong

Hand copied by Edna Allen, 11 Nov 1977.
Typed by Verla Williams, 14 Apr 1994, from a hand-written copy of the KEPHART family history done probably in the late 1930s.
Scanned and edited by Mark D. Williams, 29 Nov 2009. Edits are in brackets [ ].
See corrections made in the comments.

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Johan Georg GEBHART (21 Oct 1754) contains an online database that lists German Pioneers who arrived at the port of Philadelphia from 1727-1808. In it was a list confirming Kephart Family History's mention of the 21 Oct 1754 arrival in Philadelphia of John George Gebhart and (probably his brother) Johann Adam Gebhart on the ship, Bannister. The spacing below appears that way in the record:

List of Foreigners imported in the Ship Bannister, Capt. John Doyle, from Amsterdam. Qual. 21st October 1754. No. 84. D. Beneset.

FR*rName crossed out, with remark "not 16."f

P647p [List 225 C] At the State House at Philadelphia, Monday, the 21st Day of October, 1754.

Present: The Worshipful Charles Willing, Esquire, Mayor. The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, Imported in the Ship Bannister, Capt John Doyle, from Amsterdam, but last from Cowes, did this Day take the usual Qualifications to the Government. 4 Roman Catholics. No. 84. From Wirten-berg, Westphalia and the Palatinate.

ttt Hans Michael Miller

Jacob Hörmann

Johan Peter Radenmacher Bastian Wittmer

Geörg Vittmer

Andereas Ebehrth

Johannes Kentsch

Kraft Weber

Johanes (+) Geisler

Johann Conrad Jauch Matthias Heinlein

Jacob Ludwig Deimling Dionysius Duretsch

Joseph (X) Connet

Joh. David Krauss

Christoph Ehrnfeuchter Martin (X) Toorward Friedrich Schiebel

Martin (X) Tootward, Junr Alexander (XX) Finck

G. Davit (X) Uhll

Jaques Talmon

Jaque Bara[l]

Jaque Baral

John Christoff Bartall, on bd Hans Michael Billheimer Hans Georg Ruoss

Hans Jacob Ruos

Johannes Karcher

Johann Michael Schickel Simon (X) Ege

Adam Ege

Balthas Müller

Philippe Rouchon

Johann Vallentin Keller Christoff (X) Diger

J. Bastian (X) Geyer Jerg Wiest

Phylype Saryous

Peter Butz

Hans Jerg Döliker Philip (X) Mode Johannes Weber

Johann Jacob Weber Johannes Benner

John Peter (X) Kebler Matias Buochman Vallentin (X) Jäger Johann Jacob Wolff Johann Peter Wolff Johann Görg Jäger Johan Nicolaus Dresser Abraham Kehr

Adam (X) Mirtorum Conrad (X) Kemp Nicolaus Bosermann William (+) Leeb

J. Henry (+) Ashman Johann Conrad Georg Johan Jacob (X) Moode Johannes Delp

Johan Gorg Holman Peter (X) Meister Lutwig Lang

P648p Johann Lönhardt Häuser Johann Nickel Minck Johann Lenhard Münch Christoffel Müller Johann Henrich Müller Johannes Müller

Görg Wärthmann Wenzel (W) Boteshway Johann Adam Gebhardt John George (X) Gebhart [Emphasis added.] Elias Hellermann

J. Peter (XX) Weber

Johanes (X) Weber

Leonhart (X) Weber

Johann Peter Emrich

Conrad (X) Gildner

John ( ) Fietler
Jacob ( ) Greess xxx sick, on bd
Piere ( ) Tolman
In all 84
Source Information: Pennsylvania German Pioneers [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2000. Original data: Strassburger, Ralph Beaver. Pennsylvania German Pioneers. Vol. I-II. Norristown, PA, USA: Pennsylvania German Society, 1934.

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Pennsylvania Archives, Vol. 17, Series 2

The following is the page from the Pennsylvania Archives that lists the foreign arrivals on the Bannister for 31 Oct 1754. We find a Johan Adam Gebhart, but no Johan Georg, which contradicts the information in Strassburger and Hinke and the Kephart Family History above. Also the date is inconsistent with the other sources which claims the ship arrived on the 21st of October. It is probable that this is a typographical error as the entry on the following page is for 22 Oct 1754.

Wm. H. Egle, M.D., ed. Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol. XVII (Harrisburg, PA: E. K. Meyers, State Printer, 1890), p. 443. Image courtesy of Google Books.

The same book does list a Johan Georg Gebhardt who arrived on the Chance 8 Aug 1764. Whether this is the right Johan Georg is not known at this time.

Wm. H. Egle, M.D., ed. Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Vol. XVII (Harrisburg, PA: E. K. Meyers, State Printer, 1890), pp. 458-459. Image courtesy of Google Books.

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Will for Johan Georg Gebhart (4 Oct 1799)

Will. George Gebhart (Union Township, Berks Co., PA: 4 Oct 1799), p. 1. Film V172-147, Index Wills & Administration Berks Co, Reg. of Wills Office in Reading , PA : 1798/name Gebhart, George; Exec. Adm.: Adam & Daniel Gebhard, Vol Adm 5, pge 155. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

Jacob Bower, Esq. Register for
the Probate of Wills, and granting
Letters of Administration, in
and for, the County of Berks.

To Adam Gebhart and Danl. Gebhart,
sons of George Gebhart late of Union Township,
in Birks County, Shoemaker, deceas.,
Elizabeth Gebhart widow & Relict of
said deceas., having first renounced
her right of Administration and to
each of them,


WHEREAS, the said George Gebhart lately died Intestate, (as is affirmed) having, whilst he lived, and at the Time of his Death, divers Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, within the said County, by Means whereof, the full Disposition and Power of granting the Administration of all and singular the Goods, Chattles, Rights and Credits, which were of the said Deceased within the said County; and also, the auditing the Accounts, Calculations and Reckonings, of the said Administration & a final Dismission from the same, to me is manifestly know to belong. I desiring that the Goods, Chattles, Rights and Credits, of the said Administation & a final fismission from the fame, to me I manifestly known to belong. I desiring that the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, of the said Deceased, may be well and truly administered, do hereby grant unto You, the said Adam Gebhart & Daniel Gebhart in whole Fidelity in this Behalf, I very much confide, full Power by the Tenor of these Presents, to administer the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, which were of the said Deceased, within the said County; and also, to ask, collect, levy, recover and receive, the Credits whatsoever of the said Deceased, which at the Time of his Death, were owing, or to him did any Ways belong, and to pay the Debts in which the said Deceased stood obliged, so far forth, as the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, will extend, according to their Rate and Order of Law, especially of well and truly administering the Goods, Rights and Credits of the said Deceased, and making a true and perfect Inventory thereof, and exhibiting the same into the Register's Office, at the Town of READING, in the County of BERKS, at or before the tenth Day of April next and tendering a true and just Account, Calculation or Reckoning, of the said Administration, at or before the tenth Day of March in the Year of our LORD, One Thousand, seven Hundred and Ninety Nine. And also, I do by these Presents, ordain, constitute and appoint, you the said Adam Gebhart & Danl. Gebhart Administration of all and singular the Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits, which were of the said Deceased, within the Limits aforesaid, saving harmless, and for Ever indemnifying me, and all other Officers, against all Persons whatsoever, by Reason of your Administration aforesaid, and saving to all others their Rights. In TESTIMONY whereof, I have hereunto set my HAND & SEAL of Office, the tenth day of March, in the year of our LORD, One thousand, seven hundred & Ninety eight.

Will. George Gebhart (Union Township, Berks Co., PA: 4 Oct 1799), p. 2. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

Will. George Gebhart (Union Township, Berks Co., PA: 4 Oct 1799), p. 3. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

Will. George Gebhart (Union Township, Berks Co., PA: 4 Oct 1799), p. 4. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

Will. George Gebhart (Union Township, Berks Co., PA: 4 Oct 1799), p. 5. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

Will. George Gebhart (Union Township, Berks Co., PA: 4 Oct 1799), p. 6. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

George Gebhart (Union Township, Berks Co., PA: 4 Oct 1799), p. 7. Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

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Family Group Sheet for Henry KEPHART Jr. (c. 1767-1845)

Husband: Henry KEPHART Jr.
Born: c. 1767
Place: PA
Married: 9 sep 1794
Place: Lancaster, PA
Died: 9 Sep 1845
Place: Dubuque Co., IA
Husband's Father: Henry KEPHART Sr.
Husband's Mother: Unknown
Wife: Elizabeth EPLEY
Born: c. 1772
Place: PA?
Died: 23 Dec 1849
Place: Dubuque Co., IA
Wife's Father: Conrad EPLEY
Wife’s Mother: Unknown


1. Conrad KEPHART
Born: 12 Sep 1795
Place: Lancaster, PA
Spouse: Rebecca
Married: Unknown
Died: 26 Jul 1875
2. Naugle KEPHART
Born: 1 Feb 1798
Place: Huntingdon Co., PA
Spouse: Susan JONES
Married: c. 1820
Died: 5 May 1884
3. Henry Green KEPHART
Born: 1804
Place: Barre Forge, Huntingdon, PA
Spouse: Margaret BURDINE
Married: Unknown
Died: 1904
4. Caleb KEPHART
Born: 1804
Place: Barre Forge, Huntingdon, PA
Spouse: Jane
Married: Unknown
Died: Unknown
5. Essington KEPHART
Born: 9 Jul 1807
Place: Barre Forge, Huntingdon, PA
Spouse: Mary Ann MEISS
Married: 1830
Died: Unknown
6. Jacob KEPHART
Born: 27 May 1809
Place: Unknown
Spouse: Jane O'NEIL
Married: Unknown
Died: Unknown
7. Sarah KEPHART
Born: 1811
Place: PA
Spouse: William HAMMOND
Married: Unknown
Died: Unknown
8. John D. KEPHART
Born: 1819
Place: PA
Spouse: Sarah
Married: Unknown
Died: 6 Oct 1892
9. Catherine KEPHART
Born: c. 1820
Place: Unknown
Spouse: Richard PLUMBE
Married: 4 Feb 1834
Died: 6 Mar 1900
10. Mary Ann KEPHART
Born: 1824
Place: PA
Spouse: None
Died: 25 May 1844

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St. James Episcopal Church Records

St. James Episcopal Church. Lancaster, PA, est. 1744. Image courtesy of Lancaster County Heritage.

Marriage Record: KEPHART, Henry - Elizabeth EPLEY, Cert. by Elisha Rigg (Lancaster, PA: St. James Episcopal Church, 9 Sep 1794). Image courtesy of Verla Williams (17 Jun 1993).

Baptism Record:
KEPHART, Conrad, Cert. by Elisha Rigg (Lancaster, PA: St. James Episcopal Church, 10 Dec 1795). Image courtesy of Verla Williams (17 Jun 1993).

Marriage Record: NAGLE, John - Elizabeth Kiphart, Cert. by Elisha Rigg (Lancaster, PA: St. James Episcopal Church, 5 Nov 1793). Image courtesy of Verla Williams (17 Jun 1993).

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Cottage Hill Cemetery

Panorama shot of Cottage Hill Cemetery, Dubuque Co., IA. Image © 2007 Tom Schlarman.

Cottage Hill Cemetery, Dubuque Co., IA (1993). Image courtesy of Verla Williams.

Cottage Hill Cemetery, Dubuque Co., Iowa. Image © 2007 Tom Schlarman. Notice the amount of plant growth under the sign.

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KEPHART Gravestones

KEPHART gravestones in the NW corner of Cottage Hill Cemetery. Image courtesy of Verla Williams (1993).

The large gravestone in the corner Row 1, Stone 1 is that of Naugle and Susan KEPHART.

In Row 2 from top to bottom we have the following:
Stone 1: Ellen KEPHART. Died 23 Oct 1869. AE 46y 7m 17d. Dau. of Conrad & Rebecca Kephart.

Stone 2: Rebecca KEPHART. Died 23 Dec 1867. AE 70y 2m 13d. Wife Of Conrad Kephart.

Stone 3: Anna Margaret (Burdign) KEPHART (16 Sep 1826-14 Oct 1862). AE 36y 1m 2d. Wife of Henry Green Kephart. Dau. of Samuel Burdign.

Stone 4: William E. KEPHART. Died 14 Sep 1854. AE 11y 1m. Son Of J. & S. Kephart.

Stone 5: Henry, Elizabeth, and Mary Ann KEPHART.